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Carbon Farming Delivers A New Revenue Stream

Soil health practices are proven to increase profitability. With Agoro Carbon, they can also generate carbon credits that add a new revenue stream for your farm or ranch nationwide.

Benefits of Soil Health Improvement

As soil health improves, farmers see long-term operational improvements.

  • Increased profits from the same acreage

    Increased profits

  • Reduced crop input costs

    Reduced input costs

  • Operational cost savings

    Reduced labor and fuel costs

  • Increased crop yields

    Increased yields

  • Improved crop nutrient availability

    Improved nutrient availability

  • Improved soil health and increased crop resiliency to extreme weather events

    Increased resilience to extreme weather

  • Ecological benefits Including biodiversity and increased water quality

    Biodiversity and better water quality

More info: soilhealthinstitute.org/economics/

Agoro Carbon Turns Soil Health Practices Into Real Income

Adopt one more of the below practices to your farm and see ROI from both carbon credits and the long term benefits of improved soil health. Ranchers and cattle producers, learn about our options for carbon credits on your pasture and range here.

Tillage Management

Reducing or eliminating tillage keeps carbon in your fields, and cuts down costs

Total Value

$49.57 per acre*

Cover Crops

Cover crops improve soil health, and also help keep carbon “locked-in”

Total Value

$30.18 per acre*

Nitrogen Management

Optimized use of chemical fertilizers

Total Value

$10.00 per acre*

Total Benefit

$89.76 per acre*

Why You Should Join the Agoro Carbon Alliance

What makes Agoro Carbon different from other carbon programs? We put farmers at the center of our program.


Guaranteed annual payments, over the entire contract duration. Additional variable payments based on verified carbon results, paid in three intervals


Greater payments during years 1-3 to compensate for practice implementation risks during the first seasons


Minimum price guarantee of $16.50/carbon credit, and Agoro Carbon matches competitive price increases


Dedicated service to support you in the transition to conservation practices, with no obligation to purchase other products or services

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"I and the rest of the Agoro agronomists share a passion for farming and land conservation in our local communities. Our primary role is to provide you and your trusted advisors with all the recommendations and information required to successfully implement conservation practices to improve the overall health of your farm's soil and sequester carbon"

Long-Term Impact on Profitability

Improving soil health practices through the Agoro Carbon Alliance will make you more profitable in the long term.

Net Return (%)


Note: Fields in program compared to average field profitability

Program Year

How Does it Work?

Review your options

Work with an Agoro Carbon Cropping Specialist and discuss the benefits of joining.

Estimate short- and long-term impacts

Using our data and expertise, we'll help you understand the investments and returns, over time.

Sign up

Fill in your information and share your current practices. We'll also benchmark your soil carbon levels.

Implement new practices

Add new farming practices to lock away additional carbon in your soil, while also reducing costs and improving soil health and fertility.

Get paid regularly

Receive regular guaranteed minimum payments from the 1st year onwards

Be supported along the way

Get advice and answers to your questions from the Agoro Carbon Alliance

Verify results and get final payment

Our independent partners will verify that the practices you implemented have met their goals and you will receive final payment based on the verified carbon results.

What Others Are Saying About Agoro Carbon Alliance


"The challenges we face with changing to more sustainable farming practices is that it's a steep learning curve. Agoro incentivizes us to adopt practices that we know are best for the farm, but come with financial challenges. In doing what's best for the farm, it's going to preserve the soil, and the soil health, long term."