A Southern-Style Passion for Cattle

Ben Busby an Agoro Carbon rancher

Ben Busby is a part of the Graze Master Group and recently signed up with Agoro Carbon. Here’s what he had to say about the carbon program:  “Clay Craighton and Del Ficke had a meeting in Alabama. I wasn’t really interested at first, but the more I listened, it caught my attention. I started talking […]

Farmers and Ranchers Deserve Real Options

Farmers and Ranchers Deserve Real Options

When John Pullis was growing up in Michigan, one of ten children of Kenneth and Ann Marie, the family didn’t quite know what to think about their son’s choice of football teams or life goals. “I loved Nebraska football,” Pullis said smiling.  “I just remember loving the triple option.  I played a lot of football […]

Carbon Ranching: Sequestering Carbon in the Pacific Northwest

Agoro Carbon pasture in Oregon

What are the range and pasture carbon cropping practices in the Pacific Northwest (PNW)? Agoro Carbon Alliance offers three practices for range and pasture ground participants. These regenerative actions can generate carbon credits for PNW ranchers:  Let’s define each of these conservation practices and then dive into what a carbon program with these practices would […]