How Rotational Grazing Can Benefit Ranchers

Living in southeast Iowa, my family and I have around 100 head of cattle and 60 acres of row crops. However, the main purpose of our cattle operation was raising cattle for meat production or the showing industry. Growing up in the cattle industry has given me many experiences and lessons learned in life. The […]

Generate Ag Carbon Credits By Diversifying Your Cover Crops With Legumes

Cover Cropping with Legumes The use of cover crops has been a practice many producers have used over the years. From planting grasses to even wheat, many benefits have risen. Cover crops have proven to improve soil health, promote water infiltration, and reduce erosion. However, one of the main impacts of cover crops is keeping […]

Planter Checklist For No-Till Conditions

Planter Checklist For No Till Conditions

In-Field Planter Inspection Points In this article you will find an in-field planter inspection points for no-till conditions from our Illinois farmer and carbon cropping agronomist Steve Hasselman. Seed Meter Inspection  Downforce Check Gauge Wheel Gap Closing Wheel Alignment & Pressure Coulter Inspection Planter Frame Level Seed Meter Inspection  If using a positive air pressure […]