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All About Agoro Carbon FAQs

  • Can I work directly with the Agoro Carbon Alliance?

    Yes, working directly with the Agoro Carbon Alliance is possible. We have a team of Carbon Cropping Specialists spread across the U.S. that can help you implement the new practices to ensure a high probability of success. The contract you will sign to enroll and get paid is between Agoro Carbon and yourself, so working directly together to implement a practice change is possible and welcomed.

  • How does Agoro Carbon Alliance’s carbon program work?

    Once you select and implement your conservation practices, Agoro Carbon handles the carbon credit process. We help ensure that the practice changes you make have the most impact on sequestering carbon through our nationwide team of agronomists and carbon experts.

  • I prefer to work with my trusted crop advisor; can I still work with them and receive payments?

    Yes, we anticipate that some farm operations will want to consult with their crop advisors to ensure successful adoption of their new practices and to plan for any additional impact it might have on their crop plans. We will still be entering into the contract directly with you to make sure you receive the payments. Whether you work directly with an Agoro Carbon Cropping Specialist or through your crop advisor, we will have resources available to make sure you understand what is expected and to help gather any information necessary to ensure payments can be made

  • What happens if I decide to enroll in the program?

    Depending on the practices to be implemented, there might be slightly different steps, but overall: – Discuss program details and explore opportunities for practice changes on your farm or ranch. – Select practices, sign contract, and receive payments from Agoro Carbon according to the payment method selected. If you selected the financing option, the first pre-payment will be made within the first two months following successful data collection and successively in each anniversary year during years 1 to 4 of the contract. If you selected the non-financing option, you will receive payments at issuance, approximately in years 5 and 11. – Receive support collecting historical farming data (e.g., historical crop yield, fertilizer application rate) to establish project baseline, as well as support you in preparing for practice implementation. – Implement the practice changes. You will get support from a dedicated Grower Success Team member who can assist you throughout the program.

  • What makes Agoro Carbon different from existing carbon marketplace offerings?

    Agoro Carbon is backed by Yara International, a global agriculture organization with more than 118 years of experience in the agriculture industry, 75+ years of U.S. operations, and a trusted reputation. Agoro Carbon’s offering is truly farmer/rancher-centric and focused on making participation as easy as possible for you, as well as being financially attractive. Agoro’s Carbon agronomists will be there to help you every step of the way as you implement the practice change on your farm or ranch. This program is purely focused on the carbon opportunity; no other commitments to purchase other products or services are required. Agoro Carbon will be responsible and cover the costs for the entire program, e.g., administrative work, soil tests, verification and certification process, as well as finding buyers for the credits.