Eyes in the Sky: Using Remote Sensing to Help Measure Soil Carbon


In a previous Ag Carbon Knowledge Hub article, entitled “Trust in the Progress,” we described how our third-party vendors physically collect soil samples to monitor soil organic carbon (SOC) stock changes on our grower farm and ranch fields. This article focuses on how we assign individual sampling locations to each field. Since it is not […]

Enhanced Winter Pasture Care

Winter ranching involves unique challenges. Sometimes, it takes a great deal of effort to just keep livestock fed, watered, healthy, and warm. . Despite weather obstacles, winter  presents several opportunities to enhance soil management practices. Winter is often underestimated for range and pasture improvements. Explore strategies like forage caching, supplemental feeding, and bale grazing to […]

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 19: One Texas Rancher’s Journey to Carbon Capturing

One Texas Rancher's Journey to Carbon Capturing

Let’s start this new year with a new podcast episode featuring Northern Texas Rancher, Steve Rapp and his dedicated Agoro Carbon Grower Success Agronomist, Shawntel Ervin. Steve grew up in Texas and is also a mixed animal practitioner. He took over his family farm (est. 1922) where they raise cattle, cotton, wheat, and canola; he […]