Crimson Clover (in the Northern Corn Belt)

Patch of Red Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover is currently one of the most popular species of cover crop legumes in the corn belt. It is a relatively economical, robust, and efficient ground armoring cover crop. Additionally, a great nitrogen producer for use in the off-season before a nitrogen-demanding cash crop. In northern corn belt climates it will winterkill fairly reliably […]

Corn Belt Cover Crop Selection

Corn Belt Cover Crop Selection

Although cover cropping is certainly not by any means a new farming technique, it had been largely abandoned by the majority of the farming industry for quite some time. Now with the resurgence of conservation agriculture, we are seeing much more attention given to the topic than in previous years. While this is very exciting […]

RFD-TV Market Day Report: Interviews A Carbon Farmer

Learn about Indiana farmer, Brian Miller, and his experience with carbon farming and the Agoro Carbon program so far. Brian farms corn, soy, wheat, hay, and cattle. He did his carbon research, selected a program, then his practices (cover cropping, nitrogen optimization), and has been enhancing his soil health practices over the last few years. […]