Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 19: One Texas Rancher’s Journey to Carbon Capturing

One Texas Rancher's Journey to Carbon Capturing

Let’s start this new year with a new podcast episode featuring Northern Texas Rancher, Steve Rapp and his dedicated Agoro Carbon Grower Success Agronomist, Shawntel Ervin. Steve grew up in Texas and is also a mixed animal practitioner. He took over his family farm (est. 1922) where they raise cattle, cotton, wheat, and canola; he […]

Obstacles and Conservation Strategies Faced By Southeastern Ranchers

Obstacles and Conservation Strategies Faced By Southeastern Ranchers Challenges and Conservation Practices for ranchers in the Southeastern United States As a native of Southwest Florida, I have seen agriculture wax and wane over the years, especially the cattle ranching industry. My great-grandfather managed a ranch in Immokalee, Florida for nearly 40 years. In this environment, […]

Increasing Forage Biodiversity: Advice For Ranchers

Improving plant biodiversity on your ranch will often increase forage supply, forage quality, and soil health, along with carbon capture potential. Increasing plant biodiversity often comes in the form of interseeding or overseeding desirable grasses and/or legumes to change the composition or productivity of a forage base. Forbs can also be of interest but are […]