Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 17: The Relationship Between Soil Health & Farm Profitability

1 minute

Come dive into the world of soil health. In this episode we dig into the relationship between soil health and profitability with Agoro Carbon Science Manager, Dr. John Shanahan. 

John is one of our founding scientists team members and brings over 35 years of experience as a professional agronomist in both public (Colorado State University, USDA-ARS, Soil Health Institute) and private sector (Corteva Agrisciences) roles. His expertise consists of nutrient, water, and soil health management in crop production systems. John is also proficient in the use of multiple digital farming tools for helping growers improve profitability and sustainability.

Farmers and ranchers run businesses with very tight margins, so profitability is often the most significant barrier to adoption of soil health practices. Listen in to learn more details on topics like the impact of soil health practices on profitability, ag carbon’s relation to extreme weather resilience, and how yields are affected by soil health practices (cover cropping, reduce tillage, nutrient management).

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Published on: September 12, 2023