Agoro Carbon Alliance’s US Program: Heading for a million acres of carbon farming

Following the successful launch of our US pilot, we’re targeting rapid expansion across the region

If we want to decarbonize farming globally, we’ll need to think at scale – and it’s safe to say that we have big plans for the US in 2022. After officially launching our US pilot in 2020, we’re aiming to sign up one million acres of US farmland to our Agoro Carbon Program in the coming year. And we’re already well on the way!

The US is an important market for us because it’s home to large-scale agriculture enterprises. This style of farming offers very good opportunities to roll out new practices on large expanses of land, positively impacting the land’s health and its carbon sequestration capacity. Sustainable thinking is already happening across the country’s agricultural industry, reflected in initiatives like US Farmers and Ranchers in Action’s ‘Decade of Ag’. Knowing that we needed to create a strong position in this market, we consciously decided to target large-scale farm and ranch production.

Agoro Carbon US has set the ambitious goal of reaching one million acres of sign-ups for the program in 2022. Initially, the pilot focused on creating the team needed to make this possible. “The goal has been building the foundation required to grow and support that amount of acreage,” confirms  Anastasia Pavlovic, Managing Director for Agoro Carbon US. In the last months of 2021, we saw the rewards of our hard work coming in, with farmers signing contracts with us, trusting in our mission, and deciding to start their carbon-farming journeys with us.

A truly farmer-focused program

As in our other focus regions, our US program provides farmers and ranchers with the agronomic support they need to sequester carbon in the soil and reduce emissions from the field. Through the generation of high-quality, third-party-certified carbon credits, this will increase producers’ income – all while maintaining or even increasing their crop yields. Importantly, producers can choose how much land they enroll in the program, and select the climate-smart practices that best fit their farms.

And what sets our program apart from similar initiatives? Anastasia Pavlovic outlines three key elements: our grower-centric approach, commitment to maintaining quality and rigor, and our deep agronomic knowledge and longstanding commitment to supporting growers. “Farmers and ranchers are fundamental to our business – if the producer can't be successful, we're not going to be successful,” she says. “So, to make carbon farming and carbon credits viable, we’ve got to start with the producer .”

This farmer and rancher-centric approach is already being recognized by producers in the US. “Agoro Carbon has brought a key educational element to my farm’s operation,” says Randy H., a farmer based in Northern Indiana. “Trying to navigate and understand carbon credits and markets isn’t easy – you see big numbers and payments being tossed around. Agoro Carbon actually sat down and explained to me where those values come from.”

Driving engagement at agricultural expos

To reach the one-million-acre goal and share Agoro Carbon’s offering, the US team has also been engaging directly with farmers at expos across the US. Often, these events provided the first opportunity to meet growers face-to-face in over two years. For instance, in November 2021, we attended the Tri-State Convention in Washington state, where we discussed the opportunities and innovation we could bring with wheat growers in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.

Then, at the Nebraska Ag Expo in December – a highly popular ag event – we joined almost 800 exhibitors from 27 US states and six Canadian provinces. A great opportunity to share our message widely! In the same month, we answered farmers’ questions about carbon cropping at the Great Lakes Expo in Michigan: one of the largest annual gatherings of fruit and vegetable growers and farm marketers in North America. And the amount of engagement and sign-ups we’ve been receiving suggest that these farmers are enthusiastic about our program!

Toward success for farmers and planet

All in all, a great first year for our US program – one that sets a great precedent for our other regions. Moving forward, we’ll continue focusing on grower success. In particular, we’ll keep supporting growers with information on carbon farming and the best choices for their farm – as well as helping them to implement these practices. In this way, we’ll enable farmers across the US to obtain more fertile soil and extra revenue.

Of course, to scale our operations, we’ll need strong partnerships. So, we’re also looking to connect with even more partners and attend even more events to share our mission. By reviewing the learnings and experience built over 2021, we’ll move into 2022 with a much stronger foundation for the Agoro Carbon Program. And, by continuing to improve and adapt with the evolving carbon market, we’ll make the program work better and better for our partner farmers – in the US and worldwide.

Want to learn more about Agoro Carbon in the US? Find out more about our approach and targets here.