Crimson Clover (in the Northern Corn Belt)

Patch of Red Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover is currently one of the most popular species of cover crop legumes in the corn belt. It is a relatively economical, robust, and efficient ground armoring cover crop. Additionally, a great nitrogen producer for use in the off-season before a nitrogen-demanding cash crop. In northern corn belt climates it will winterkill fairly reliably […]

Why Soil Erosion Matters and Methods for Reducing Its Effects

Harvested corn field separated by grass strip higher than fields after years of erosion

Minimizing the loss of topsoil on US croplands and rangelands, whether due to wind or water soil erosion, is key to sustaining the economic vitality and future productivity potential of US food production systems. Agricultural practices beginning in the mid-1800s (i.e. excessive tillage on cropland and grassland mismanagement) have eroded significant amounts of topsoil from […]

Deworming With An Eye On Soil Health

Herd of Angus cows and calves in a green pasture in Northern Missouri grazing in early spring at Lundquist Farms

The regenerative mindset never ceases to amaze me. Producers evaluate thousands of decisions each year as they try to optimize their evolving operations. Some profitable practices, like improved grazing, seeding, and fertilizing are impactful changes that are on most producer’s radar. However, it seems no rock will be left unturned in the quest for sustainable […]