Finding Value In The Carbon Markets

In this article from Seed World magazine, Agoro Carbon’s Regional Sales Manager Jerry Stephens highlights how farmers can benefit from the carbon market. “I don’t sell anything to producers, I can only buy carbon credits,” says Agoro Carbon Alliance Regional Sales Manager, Jerry Stephens. “Right now, the methodology for creating carbon credits is where Agoro Carbon is […]

Illinois study shows universally positive effect of cover crops on soil microbiome

Microbial activity in soils is responsible for so many of the natural, critical processes involved with growing crops- most of which we take for granted! Nutrient cycling, aggregate stability, and so many symbiotic relationships between plant roots and microbes make growing the phenomenal crops that we do possible and sustainable. This new global analysis from […]

Nitrogen Rate Reduction For Carbon Credits

Did you know that changing your nitrogen (N) management practices for various crops creates opportunities for earning carbon credit payments?  In many instances across the U.S., too much N is applied be properly utilized by the plant. Performing best practices around N management reduces N loss pathways from nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions and groundwater leaching […]

Soil Health Considerations For Global Food Security

Check out this paper recently co authored by Agoro Carbon Alliance Agronomist John Shanahan with researchers at the Soil Health Institute link entitled  “Soil health considerations for global food security.” Core ideas outlined in the paper include demonstrating  that U.S. commodity exports influence global food prices, which links U.S. crop production to global food security.   […]

Carbon Cropping Challenges in the Northern U.S., Thoughts from an Agronomist

There are inherent challenges with introducing new conservation practices on any farm.  Whether it is in a corn, soybean or wheat field or others, these challenges may be the same or they may be unique, depending on a variety of factors.  When an additional layer of constraint is added to these systems, the challenge can […]

Soil Carbon Sequestration Potential of Arid Soils

Growers are well aware of the yield differences and potential between fields on their farm. And the range of yield potential only grows the more we zoom out to a larger geographic area. This inherent yield potential of the soil is driven by many factors – slope, drainage class, clay content, CEC, and of course […]

Carbon Market Experts Talk Additionality Premiums

January 28, 2022 By Will Robinson with Brownfield Ag News A pair of carbon market experts say farmers and ranchers should look to capitalize on green practices before implementing them. Agoro Carbon Alliance Regional Manager Todd Carlton tells Brownfield ag producers should take their time when looking at carbon programs, but do it before making changes to farming […]

How Can Early Adopters Benefit From Carbon Farming?

Most of the regenerative farming practices are not new, but are back in the spotlight and part of carbon credit programs. Can legacy conservationists – who have been carbon farming for many years already – still benefit from the carbon markets? As an agronomist, I advise them the following:  I hear a lot of frustration […]

Reasons Not To Wait To Join A Carbon Market Program

Can you afford not to invest in your soil? -Soil health is a key driver in crop productivity and resiliency; maintaining conventional practices will continue soil degradation and require additional inputs. -Value-added from certain practice changes take time, the longer you wait, the less time you can benefit from the results. -According to a study […]

Advice from a Farmer: Transitioning to No-till & Cover Crops

Planting in the spring It is important to remember that you’ll be a couple of days behind neighbors who are utilizing tillage to “dry out” their ground. Fall burn down, or pre-emergence herbicide programs will be necessary for crops since tillage won’t be there to remove weeds. Soils may be colder without tillage somewhat longer […]