Generate Ag Carbon Credits By Diversifying Your Cover Crops With Legumes

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Cover Cropping with Legumes

The use of cover crops has been a practice many producers have used over the years. From planting grasses to even wheat, many benefits have risen. Cover crops have proven to improve soil health, promote water infiltration, and reduce erosion. However, one of the main impacts of cover crops is keeping carbon “locked in.” Those who have been managing fields with cover cropping can now qualify to participate in our carbon program by adding legumes to their cover crop.

What are Legumes?

Legumes are a type of plant that produce pods containing seeds. Some specific species that producers find popular include red/white clover and field peas. Incorporating legumes is very lucid and can be done in four simple steps:

1. Choose the right species for your operation

2. Determine the rate based on species selected

3. Establish application method

4. Work together with Agoro Carbon agronomist to address any concerns.

Just like adding other cover crops to your fields, adding legumes will carry the same benefits. These can range from improved soil health, fracture compacted soils, potential increase in nitrogen efficiency, increased carbon capture, increased crop resilience to extreme weather events, operational cost savings (fewer passes, and labor and fuel reductions), improved crop nutrient availability, biodiversity, increased water quality, and efficiency retention.

Generating Carbon Credits

Generating carbon credits comes with monetary payments. When farmers enroll in our carbon program by adding legumes to their cover crop, they receive carbon-based payments. Carbon based payments are payments made upon credit issuance, on ton captured* above baseline results, after verification is complete in years 5 and 11.

The practices Agoro Carbon supports have been studied widely and many farms have been practicing them for decades. Our goal is to ensure that adopting conservation practices pays off in the long run, with benefits that add. 

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