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Matt Rellaford

Agronomist, California and Pacific Northwest

Matt has an eclectic professional background and considers his path in agriculture a non-traditional one. He specializes in soil moisture monitoring, arid soils, nitrogen management with cover crops, variable rate nitrogen management, and wheat and potatoes. Matt grew up in the suburbs of Ohio and Utah. He worked on horse ranches during a couple of summers, but it was his time spent in rural villages abroad that generated his interest in agriculture. He completed a year-long Fulbright project in Moldova, which helped him to recognize the importance of agriculture in economic development. Prior to getting more involved in agriculture, Matt served as a children’s educator, worked in the solar industry, and managed city recreational events. He earned his B.S. in Recreation Management from BYU and M.S. in Plant Science from NDSU. He gained experience during grad school working on various research projects, and later at Penn State as a research assistant managing corn and soybean trials (which involved precision soil sampling and cover crops). In 2019, Matt became the precision ag manager for Mountain West at Simplot, creating prescription maps and gaining expertise in soil moisture monitoring. During the last several months of his time at Simplot, he became increasingly involved with their internal sustainability team, working closely with a sustainability manager to estimate the carbon footprint of potatoes. His time with the sustainability group led Matt to an ‘irresistible’ opportunity with Agoro Carbon. Matt is a Certified Crop Advisor and is currently working on his ag irrigation specialist certification.
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